About US


We are a group of Civil Aspirants who have written mains twice. During preparation we faced a lot of issues, like arranging for study materials, enrolling in costly test series and coaching classes, etc. So, we aim to fill that void of preparation and study materials, so that not even a single eligible candidate is left out.

With the increasing cost of education and increasing competition, it is becoming difficult for everyone to access and afford the Modern Education. Added to this plight, people are making education a Business and treating students as investors.

Talking of UPSC preparation, we hear a lot of rumors about the level of difficulty of this examination. Though the exam is difficult no doubt in that. This is so because once you get through the examination you will be administering a city. So, that future responsibility demands the best of the crowd. But this also has led to people not daring to compete for this examination, they loose hope even before starting its preparation. But this is not the thing, though difficult exam if we prepare for the exam with consistency and dedication, we can crack this.

To do away with all such assumptions, we have initiated this platform. Here, we share all the relevant materials for clearing the UPSC examination, that too free of cost. We are doing our best efforts to make sure that education becomes accessible and affordable to everyone.