Top 5 JPG to Text Converters That Comes Handy for Students

Converting the images to text is a time consuming and complex task for the students especiallu for scanning notes but the revolution of technology has made this a piece of cake. Nowadays, one can easily extract the text from the image’s without paying a single penny.

Many freeware sources are available on the internet that empowers the students to transform the images into editable text with an optimum speed. 

JPG to Text Converters
JPG to Text Converters

The presence of the Optical character recognition (OCR) technology has made it possible to accurately extract the text from the images. This technology recognizes the characters and remembers their position. 

5 Best Pic to Text Converters:

Here we have listed 5 best converters:


This website offers a free and smart photo to text converter that lets the users extract the text form the printed or handwritten text in the image. The user-friendly interface allows the users to easily download and share the editable text. It uses the OCR technology to translate the characters available on the image.

This is a website that offers a free online photo to text converter. This converter can acceptnumerous image types of images and extract the text precisely with the help of the OCR technology. Further, it works with any type size or font style of the text. This photo convert to batch conversions to facilitate the users.

The current technology has made it very easy to transform the images into text. contains a good photo converter that lets the users extract the text
accurately and instantly. This image to text converter online free facilitates the users to turn the images that are even available online. One can add the url link or the link of the drive where images are located to convert them. This free photo to text converter provides the output in the plain editable text form that the user can copy as it is or can download it in the docs, PDF or HTML format. is an effective and free online OCR converter. With the help of it, users can easily transform the images into editable text format. This tool is designed to work with large files. It’s one of the fastest utilities.


Free online photo to text converter lets the users convert their images without getting
registered. You just have to upload the files and click on the convert button to make the text editable. It provides you the text in simple plain text format but it also allows you to download the text in Docs format. It has a very simple interface to make the work easy for the users. 

Final Thoughts:

When you often have to turn images into text, then instead of retyping the text, get the
assistance of a best online photo to text converter that lets the photo convert to text instantly without charging any cost.

If you are the person that take a lot of pics of teachers board and find it hard to write the notes from the pic these tools can make your students life way much easier for note making.

So, use these tools and simply convert your images as your notes on the go.

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