[2022] UPSC Oxford Student Atlas Free PDF Download

[2022] UPSC Oxford Student Atlas Free PDF Download

Hello friends today we are sharing the latest copy (35th Edition) of the UPSC Oxford Student Atlas.

The history of cartography is not older than 5000 years. The earliest maps of which we have knowledge were made by Babylonians on clay tablets, dating around 2300 BC. Early attempts at maps were severely limited by a lack of knowledge of anything other than very local features. Once you downloaded the UPSC Oxford Student Atlas PDF edition, it’s best to convert pdf to zipped file to get the ease of sharing large file sizes.

Content of the Atlas Map Book

Indian Subcontinent – Physical

Indian States and Union Territories – Political

India Themnatic

Continents and Regions (Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, Ocean, and Antarctica)


World – Facts and Figures

UPSC Oxford Student Atlas Free Download 2021

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