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Hello friends, we are again here to update you with another set of UPSC Materials. Today we are sharing a digital copy of one of the most fundamental books – Politics in India Since Independence NCERT Pdf UPSC Download

Though recently UPSC has released the notification regarding postponement of the examination, but uncertainty still looms. We all are aware of the importance of reading NCERTs. They are like the foundation of our preparation, stronger the foundation better is the rest of the structure. UPSC Free Materials is sharing the Politics in India Since Independence NCERT Pdf UPSC Download. Because we faced numerous difficulties in arranging the relevant books for our preparation.

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This book is not a chronicle of all or even main events during the past six decades. We have tried to weave the history of the last sixty years around some major issues and themes.

The first eight chapters of the book cover a certain period of this history, but in a selective manner by focussing on one issue or theme that dominated those years. The final chapter offers an overview of various issues that have emerged in the most recent period.

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Politics is often understood as a power game played by some big leaders. Politics is, of course, about power. But politics is also about taking collective decisions, about sorting out differences, about reaching consensus. That is why we simply cannot run our collective affairs without politics. Similarly, big leaders no doubt influence the course of politics.

But politics is much more than a story of individual ambitions and frustrations. That is why you will not find much emphasis on personalities in this book. You will find some biographical sketches so as to give you a rich sense of those times. But we do not expect you to memorize these biographical details.

In order to give you a feel of the times, NCERT has included many photographs, cartoons, maps, and other images. As in other books, Unni and Munni are there to share their innocent yet irreverent questions and comments with you.

By now you know that what Unni and Munni say is not the opinion of the textbook. You, and even the authors, may or may not agree with Unni and Munni. But you should, like them, begin to question everything.


1: Challenges of nation building

2: Era of one-party dominance

3: Politics of planned development

4: India’s external relations

5: Challenges to and restoration of the congress system

6: The crisis of democratic order

7: Rise of popular movements

8: Regional aspirations

9: Recent developments in Indian politics


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