UPSC Previous Year Question Papers: Prelims Paper-1

Why to read UPSC previous year question papers?

The best strategy to prepare for an exam is to find out the pattern, level and type of questions that has been asked till date.

Without knowing this, a person is at a loss in this competitive era when ton of material is available in the market and it is easy to get lost in the jungle.

The UPSC previous year papers not only provide an insight into the level of examination but also guides on how to prepare for it ,helps to develop a good strategy and select a limited material out of the available ones to focus upon.

Of how many years UPSC previous year question papers should be read?

There is no hard and fast rule in this regard as UPSC is unpredictable and more often changes its examination pattern. However one can read last 8-10 years UPSC previous papers in order to get a deep judgmental grasp as to how the questions are framed.

Points to be remembered.

  • While reading the previous year question papers one should keep in mind that it is not necessary that you know answer so do not panic seeing the questions. They are there only to provide you insight and good answer writing comes through practice,”A Lot of Practice and Patience”.
  • An UPSC aspirant should always try to apply the selected strategy consistently and only modify when the circumstances demand. Remember “consistency” is the Key.
  • An UPSC aspirant should not be influenced by others rather believe in itself as the fight is of improving oneself.

In this section we are to provide you previous year papers of Prelims examination paper -1 [click here for syllabus]

Keeping in mind the importance of UPSC previous year question papers we want to contribute our small efforts in your success journey.

Following is the list of UPSC previous year question papers of Prelims exam Paper-1

2019 Download
2018 Download
2017 Download
2016 Download
2015 Download
2014 Download
2013 Download
2012 Download
2011 Download


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