Sapiens Brief History of Humankind Anthropology Optional PDF Download

Sapiens Brief History of Humankind Anthropology Optional PDF Download

Hello folks, we hope you are doing great. This is time to pace up for the upcoming examination of UPS CSE 2020. Recently the result has already been declared by UPSC. We would like to see you on that list. Today we are sharing Sapiens Brief History of Humankind Anthropology Optional PDF Download.

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Sapiens Yuri Index

Part One: The Cognitive Revolution

1. An Animal of No Significance

2. The Tree of Knowledge

3. A Day in the Life of Adam and Eve

4. The Flood

Part Two: The Agricultural Revolution

5. History’s Biggest Fraud

6. Building Pyramids

7. Memory Overload

8. There is No Justice in History

Part Three: The Unification of Humankind

9. The Arrow of History

10. The Scent of Money

11. Imperial Visions

12. The Law of Religion

13. The Secret of Success

Part Four: The Scientific Revolution

14. The Discovery of Ignorance

15. The Marriage of Science and Empire

16. The Capitalist Creed

17. The Wheels of Industry

18. A Permanent Revolution

19. And They Lived Happily Ever After

20. The End of Homo Sapiens

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Timeline of History

13.5 billion – Matter and energy appear. Beginning of physics. Atoms and molecules appear. Beginning of chemistry.

4.5 billion – Formation of planet Earth.

3.8billion – Emergence of organisms. Beginning of biology.

6 million – Last common grandmother of humans and chimpanzees.

2.5 million – Evolution of the genus Homo in Africa. First stone tools.

2 million – humans spread from Africa to Eurasia. Evolution of different human species.

500,000 – Neanderthals evolve in Europe and the Middle East.

300,000 – Daily usage of fire.

200,000 – Homo sapiens evolves in East Africa.

70,000 – The Cognitive Revolution. The emergence of fictive language. Beginning of history. Sapiens spread out of Africa.

45,000 – Sapiens settle Australia. Extinction of Australian megafauna.

30,000 – Extinction of Neanderthals.

16,000 – Sapiens settle America. Extinction of American megafauna.

13,000 – Extinction of Homo floresiensis. Homo sapiens the only surviving human species.

12,000 – The Agricultural Revolution. Domestication of plants and animals. Permanent settlements.

5,000 – First kingdoms, script and money. Polytheistic religions.

4,250 – First empire – the Akkadian Empire of Sargon.

2,500 – Invention of coinage – universal money.
The Persian Empire – a universal political order ‘for the benefit of all humans’.
Buddhism in India – a universal truth ‘to liberate all beings from suffering’.

2,000 – Han Empire in China. Roman Empire in the Mediterranean. Christianity.

1,400 – Islam.

500 The Scientific Revolution. Humankind admits its ignorance and begins to acquire unprecedented power. Europeans begin to conquer America and the oceans. The entire planet becomes a single historical arena. The rise of capitalism.

200 – The Industrial Revolution. Family and community are replaced by state and market. Massive extinction of plants and animals.


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