SRIRAM IAS Economy 2020 Book PDF Free Download

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SRIRAM IAS Economy Book 2020 Index

  1. Economy and Economics
    1. Gross Happiness Indicator
    2. Genuine Progress Indicator
    3. Gross National
    4. Gross Domestic Product Deflator
    5. New GDP Series
    6. Purchasing Power Poverty
  2. Planned Economic Development and Niti Aayog
    1. Bombay Plan
    2. Five Years Planning
    3. Niti’s Achievements etc.
  3. Fiscal System
    1. Effective Revenue Deficit
    2. FRBM Act
    3. Twin Deficit Challenge
    4. N K Singh Committee
    5. External Debt management
  4. Monetary and Credit Policy
  5. Inflation: Concepts, Facts and Policy
  6. Taxation
  7. Banking System in India
  8. Money Market and Capital Market in India: Instruments and Dynamics
  9. Stock Market
    1. NIFTY
    2. SENSEX
    3. MCDEX
  10. Balance of Payments
  11. World Trade Organisation
    1. GATT and WTO
    2. MFN
    3. S7D
    4. SSM
    5. CVD
    6. Anti Dumping Duty and so on…
  12. Bretton Woods Institutions: International Monetary Fund
    1. International Monetary Fund
    2. International Monetary and Financial Committee
    3. Special Drawing Rights etc
  13. World Bank Group
    1. Various World Bank Groups – IDA, IFC, MIGA etc
    2. IMF vs WB
    3. G-7
    4. ADB
    5. OECD
    6. NDB
  14. Poverty: Concepts, Data, Policy, and Analysis
    1. Poverty Basics
    2. Various Committees on Poverty Line
    3. Multidimensional Poverty Index
    4. Universal Basic Income

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SRIRAM IAS Economy 2020 Book PDF Free Download

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