Vajiram And Ravi Current Affairs: The Recitals May 2020

vajiram and ravi current affairs: the recitals may 2020

Hey guys, we hope your preparation is going quite well for the upcoming UPSC Prelim 2020. As you know we are making our best efforts to make sure that education becomes accessible, affordable for everyone. While keeping this in mind today we are sharing the digital copy of  Vajiram & Ravi Current Affairs: The Recitals May 2020

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Vajiram And Ravi Current Affairs

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Vajiram & Ravi: The Recitals May 2020 Current Affair PDF

Vajiram And Ravi Current Affairs

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Following Is The List Of The Topics In Vajiram & Ravi: The Recitals May 2020

  1. Feature Article 2-12
    a. India-China Border Dispute
    b. Coastal Regulation Zone
    c. CoVID-19 and MSME
  2. Mains Q&A 13-29
  3. Prelims Q&A 30-62
  4. Bridging Gaps 63-139
  5. Jammu and Kashmir Grant of Domicile Certificate (Procedure) Rules, 2020
  6. UMANG App
  7. Darbar Move
  8. Azaan
  9. Collective Conscience Of Society
  10. Stringency Index
  11. One Nation, One Ration Card
  12. Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship scheme
  13. Pulitzer Prize
  14. International Labour Day
  15. International Day of Families
  16. WHO Cites Concerns Over BCG Vaccine
  17. Coir Geotextiles for PMGSY
  18. Sanjivani App
  19. Samarth ERP
  20. CoAST India
  21. National Career Service Project (NCSP)
  22. WHO Foundation
  23. Endemic and Syndemic Disease
  24. Demographic Data
  25. West Bengal Major Irrigation and Flood Management Project
  26. Alcohol and State Finances
  27. Open Budget Survey
  28. Demand Curve Shift
  29. MSP For Minor Forest Produced Raised
  30. Calamity Cess
  31. TB Drugs Used For Crops
  32. Direct Seeding of Rice (DSR)
  33. Other Reforms Announced Under Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (Self-Reliant India)
  34. Stimulus Package Under Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan
  35. Jagannath Rath Yatra
  36. Indo-Nepal Border Dispute
  37. India and RCEP
  38. India, Russia Collaboration on Coking Coal and Crude Oil Trade
  39. Indo-Bangla Protocol Route
  40. Elections in Gilgit-Baltistan
  41. Online Summit of NAM Contact Group
  42. Digital Currency Project of China
  43. Taiwan and World Health Assembly
  44. Afghan Power-sharing Deal
  45. New Security Law for Hong Kong
  46. US Discussed Conducting Its First Nuclear Test in Decades
  47. Postal Stamp Released on 40th Anniversary of Smallpox Eradication
  48. Proposal to Expand G7 Summit
  49. E-Conclave for Defence MSMEs
  50. The Resistance Front
  51. ICUBE 2019 Report
  52. Indian Army’s Only Cavalry Unit
  53. Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) 2020
  54. World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD)

Vajiram and Ravi May 2020 Recitals

  1. Llama
    VAJIRAM AND RAVI The Recitals (May 2020)
  2. Sal Forest Tortoise
  3. Coal Washing
  4. BS-VI Emission Norms For Quadricycles
  5. Cicadas
  6. Puntius Sanctus
  7. 3 New Plant Species Discovered In Western Ghats
  8. Gharials
  9. Charu Mussel (Mytella strigata)
  10. Black Panther
  11. Pinanga Andamanensis
  12. World Bee Day
  13. International Day for Biological Diversity
  14. World Turtle Day
  15. Updates On Covid-19
    a. Sex Hormones and COVID-19
    b. Ultraviolet Light and Coronavirus
    c. The link between Vitamin D and COVID-19
    d. Silent Hypoxia
    e. Coronavirus Causes Blood Clots
    f. ATULYA
    g. TIDE
    h. COBAS 6800
    i. hmAbs
    j. IPFC
    k. COVID 19 India National Supermodel
    l. Gene APOE
    m. Ashwagandha
    n. Agappe Chitra Magna Kit
    o. Kangra Tea and Coronavirus
    p. Adenovirus Covid-19Vaccine
    q. Miscelleneous
  16. Vaccine Development
  17. R&D Statistics and Indicators 2019-20
  18. FlytNow
  19. Earth’s Magnetic Field
  20. 1-D Simulation Code to Study Earth’s Magnetosphere
    VAJIRAM AND RAVI The Recitals (May 2020)
  21. 50th Foundation Day of DST
  22. Development of Nanomaterials Based Supercapacitors
  23. Luhman 16
  24. African Swine Fever
  25. Solar Minimum and Solar Maximum
  26. North Magnetic Pole Has Shifted From Canada Towards Siberia
  27. Tianwen-1
  28. NGC 3895
  29. Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA)
  30. Number-18 – Flying Bullets

Vajiram and Ravi May 2020 Recitals

  1. PAKDA
  3. INLCU L57
  4. Defence Testing Infrastructure Scheme
  5. AI Virtual Assistant PAi
  6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Portal
  7. Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering &Technology(CIPET)
  8. Silk Fibroin-based Hydrogel for Sustained Insulin
  9. Lightweight Carbon Foam
  10. New Super-Earth Planet
  11. Sonic Boom
  12. Eventbot
  13. Space-X Demo 2 Mission
  14. Closest Black Hole to Earth Discovered
  15. Important Dates/Days
  16. Person In News


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